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What is Aussie HorsEbay??
Aussie HorsEbay is an online auction site for horse people. It's a place where you can go to sell your horse gift ideas, merchandise or your secondhand unwanted or unused horse gear. Basically, anything that is horse related can be sold on here as long as it's legal and belongs to you.
What if you don't want to sell or buy by auction?
Don't let the fact that we are an online auction site turn you off. There is another option! You can sell your items using a Dutch auction function, instead of listing them as an auction.
What's that you ask?
A dutch auction is similar to a classified advert or a buy it now option. The seller has one or more item to be sold at a set price (no bidding). If you wish to sell and want a classified type advert, this is the way to go. If you want to buy without bidding, do a search for a Dutch auction or an auction with a Buy It Now option.
How do I sell?
Listing is easy, but first there are a few things you might like to know:
  • All listings offer you the option to add up to 4 photos FREE per advert.
  • FREE to list and no closing fees. Meaning you can advertise for FREE, unless you choose to add some optional extras (eg: counter, feature page)
  • New registered users receive $10 credited to thier Aussie HorsEbay account to use for optional extras to optimise their chances of selling.
  • Every friend that signs up gives you an extra $5 credited to your AHB account. Just make sure they put your user name as a referral when they sign up.
  • Option of using dutch auction listing when you have more than one of the same item to sell.
  • Competitions regularly running.
  • Wide variety of new and secondhand gear listed already.


Click the link below to retrieve your lost password for Aussie HorsEbay. There are other links also located in the Auction and Classified sections.



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